Others are almost the same. If they can go back alive, they will not be weaker than the younger brothers in those famous schools. The martial arts progress is extremely fast.

Took a quarter of the offensive to Ba Tian, and Bai Lang stabbed him with a halberd. This man is going to fight for his life to deflect Bai Lang and add a mace. This man is going to snowball. It’s not that they don’t want to move the horse rider with Bai Lang. The problem is that they can’t hit it-the white wave attack has made them defend themselves, not to mention whipping the horse. What if this monster is stronger?
Finally exhausted to the bully, an uncovered white iron mace directly smashed his shoulder into pieces. In the tragic cry, his whole left shoulder was sunken here until his waist, left hand and a small part of his body seemed to be about to be separated from his body. Dirty debris and blood swelled and broke his body, and the injury could not be seen on both sides of the dented place. Those three guys’ eyes crossed and suddenly they tried to offset the attack strength to the bully.
White waves swept the halberd very easily, and it was cut to the skull of the overlord. The head was flatly attached to the blade of the halberd gun, and the white waves were recovered. When the hand turned a leather bag, the head rolled into the leather bag and the white waves moved. The other three guys turned around and escaped, and the flying skill level was unprecedented. White waves really didn’t bother to chase him. He threw a halberd.
Halberd will directly write miserable words when the third room sees the tripod in two halves, while the second one is short-tempered and the boss Cao Yinglong is almost hit by a pair of iron maces. It is the white wave that has a slight deviation to get back his life. "Ha, ha, ha, and he is still not good at the killer, especially the horse throwing." White wave also has no heart to ride in the past and take the room to see the tripod’s head, which is a relief for him.
"So it’s enough for two big coaches to change their heads for a BMW"? Those guys are long gone, okay? Ten thousand garbage is "I saved their lives?" Whitewater also don’t know if the horse thieves continue to mix here to attack the city, maybe the hay will starve to death … "But if it’s so stupid, how did they mix into the four bandits? However, it seems that they have not been able to unify the military orders with the hills until now, and maybe they are really so stupid. "
White waves riding a horse don’t need to input the true qi this time-White waves are inherently true qi and overbearing and tough. It’s too much for this horse to continue. He rode back to the inn. This flying horse ranch didn’t know that the horse thieves had dispersed. Two thieves had turned their heads. White waves took Wei Zhenzhen first and let her drive the mule cart by herself. She went to the gate of the flying horse ranch to call the door leisurely. "Look, the horse thieves have dispersed. There are two heads here for a BMW!"
Whitewater with WeiZhenZhen such words give a person the feeling is not like to cheat the city, besides, his good looks are not like that kind of ghost attract people …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Appreciation
Bai Lang Yunjin threw two leather bags behind the wall. "Does it count if you see the tripod in the room and go to the top of the sky?" Bai Lang shouted, "A family still needs to recruit an ambassador to join the army, so they can buy me a BMW and send it out as soon as possible!" In a short time, all the horses were removed from the back of the middle gate, and two rows of pasture soldiers came out to meet the white waves entering the city-this pasture was almost a city, and there were many such docks in the Southern and Northern Dynasties.
The four deacons of Pegasus Ranch know that Cyclops only by Whitewater-I have long forgotten the names of the four deacons. Whitewater remembers that there should be a farmer’s beauty and a farmer’s father, the first technical talent, Lu Miao Whitewater, riding in leisurely, and the rangers on both sides are extremely respectful and watched him pass by-it seems that going in and riding from his door has reported the retreat of the horse thief army.
White waves were thrown into two leather bags, and their heads were also hit. They were really the heads of two thieves-the four bandits went to the second anyway, this man did a good thing. How did this man do it? Of course, the horse thief who was captured in this martial arts world added fuel to the account and said that this man rode alone and chopped off two bosses and roared off, which is called Zhang Yong.
Naturally, such fierce people want to see the problem, or should they treat it like whitewater? This is a question. It seems that the fierce generals recruited by Pegasus Ranch are willing to fight for hegemony, and this man who says he wants to join the army is also a high-spirited man. How can he be willing to retire to the ranch? How can a man be a groom when his fame is taken by a horse? The four deacons are willing to be deacons because of their own affairs. What conditions do they offer to attract whitewater?
Why don’t you let the owner marry or let the strong man adopt by adoption? Stop joking!
Whitewater, of course, also saw Shang Xiuxun, who was called a beauty by Ssangyong. The girl’s skin color and figure look very healthy. It seems that she is not hidden in a boudoir. Ordinary women are full of sunshine and vitality. Of course, her appearance is excellent, even more beautiful than Wei Zhenzhen’s, and of course more beautiful than that of Rogue.
Whitewater remembered that he came to this world of Datang Ssangyong as if he had seen that all beautiful women have their own talents. "Is it also an ugly woman’s world?" Whitewater thought, "Nobody reads ugly women in novels." Wei Zhenzhen has made some achievements in practicing this skill by understanding martial arts talents.
As far as Whitewater is concerned, it’s no problem to dance all kinds of dances. Her flexibility and muscle control ability are very strong. Even Monty Dance can dance well. Wei Zhenzhen, who has never seen Whitewater before, is not very optimistic. She thinks she can probably fight against one or two opponents at most.
And the other beauty Rogue is definitely a martial arts expert who dares to assassinate Yang Guang. Although the level and IQ are not enough, she has lost her life-but it is definitely a beauty. This ShangXiuXun is in front of her. The breath that she exudes is not as good as that of Rogue. Although it is similar to Weizhenzhen, even two Weizhenzhen are not as good as her.
Now, the beauty owner looks at Whitewater with curiosity and admiration. Who makes Whitewater a human being in this world aesthetic? Don’t be surprised that Xu’s face of Raytheon Neptune is definitely a typical beautiful man. It is a heroic and beautiful man, and even if it is not long, it is enough to be called a beautiful man.
Hanging eyebrow’s resolute face is absolutely in line with the "gentleman" aesthetic of this world. To say that this aesthetic of Sui and Tang Dynasties is also in the same strain as that of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, men are either beautiful as women or dignified and magnificent husbands, or they are simply different in appearance, but most ordinary faces are ignored.
White waves proudly enjoy each other’s eyes. Of course, he won’t recognize that the Lord will love him, but it is a man’s natural hobby to show his strength in front of women, especially beautiful women. White waves are also vulgar, and it is also true that thieves are bald and cattle noses are mostly the same.
Think of thief bald white waves, think of the bronze Buddha temple thief bald so rich really damn … But eyes still see beauty tube he thief bald to death, he carefully looked at the beauty of the owner for a while the other side was flushed by him, a face of righteousness eyes but without the slightest third-level look is simply to appreciate the beautiful things …
He lifted his legs and the four deacons greeted him first, all of them greeted them with their fists. Of course, they found out at the first time that Bai Lang was a taboo. The first deacon Liu took the advantage of Bai Lang’s first conversation and took the initiative to say hello to Bai Lang. "Mr. Bai is really brave." Say, "Raise your glass around you and offer it over your head."
Whitewater laughed and took the glass and drank it all at once. "It’s just a little thing. Settle it quickly. It’s true that a family has to go to join the military blog and make a name for itself!" Behind the four deacons, two men carried a divination halberd. "Ha made it." Whitewater grabbed the halberd and gestured "This is the balance, please give it to the blacksmith."
Whitewater took two strings of money from the mule cart behind and handed them to the two experienced people carrying halberds. They spoke to the four deacons and said that he didn’t need the other party to pay for him, and he needed the other party to give him a reward, so he became a Shangxiuxun. She also walked over. She made a gesture of whitewater’s height and stuck out her tongue to show her little daughter’s sample.
Whitewater is taller than the four deacons in the field, and taller than the ranch brother. Among the four deacons, Deacon Liu is also a strong man, but it is still lower than Whitewater. The height of Whitewater is just over 1.9 meters. At this time, Shang Xiuxun should have never seen a taller man. If she can travel freely, she will find that there are still taller men.
The golden ball baby was also pushed out, and every one of the four big kou heads was afraid to get four thousand dollars and five ingots of gold together with repelling horse thieves. This is already a lot of money-enough for the ranch to buy hundreds of war horses and arm the corresponding number of cavalry. "What a big pile! I really can’t take it away!" Whitewater sighed.
And he came to choose BMW, and the other party returned the money and gave it to him-everyone also wanted to have a good relationship. Who knows what will happen in the future? However, the force shown by whitewater at this moment alone may make him a general, even if he can’t run away from the troubled times, he may be able to fight for a duke.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Zhang Xutuo
I have no idea about Shang Xiu’s whitewater-this guy never thought that getting married is the innate master of the main world. He didn’t even think about it, so don’t cross over here. He just looks at the beauty and is pleasing to the eye. This is a good girl. There is no need to do those things.
"It seems to have a crush on which one in Ssangyong? Well, I can’t remember. "Whitewater secretly thought for a moment that he even didn’t have the ability to attract this girl-she’s a glutton and a part-time gourmet. Whitewater can at most fry and order food and burn something to eat and make snacks. Can he finish this kind of thing?
"If only she likes Pojun and kill array’s martial arts …" Whitewater is also secretly a pity that he is not responsible for a certain poem, that is, "XX kills and cultivates …" Whitewater is the only one who kills and cultivates in his life, Pojun and kill array.
So it’s quite heroic to think about it. Whitewater has put everything away. The ranch has already prepared a banquet. It is to invite Whitewater to sit at the table, eat and drink in the room, see the tripod, and go to the head of the overlord. Two flagpoles have been found in front of the dock gate.
After taking the seat, Shang Xiuxun sat in Whitewater as the host and guest, while the four deacons sat with everyone. Since Whitewater was over, he wouldn’t stay-he was still in a hurry to join the army. He killed two of the four bandits and broke the horse’s army. Hearing that Whitewater had gone out, he felt that his starting point for joining the army would definitely be higher.
Mule cars will slow down their movements and take Weizhenzhen to join the army. It seems that it is always not very good, so Whitewater will quietly pull Weizhenzhen aside. "You still owe me a lot of money, but I can’t take you to join the army-where is the room for maids in the barracks? I haven’t done it yet, general, so I’ll leave you here. You can help the mall owner work and earn money. Pay me back-by the way, if you see those two kids, remember to ask them for money! "
Wei Zhenzhen just looked at Bai Lang’s eyes and seemed a little red, but in the end she nodded "at his master’s command" and Bai Lang smiled with satisfaction "You are not suitable for swords and shadows or live in peace", so he found Liu Deacon and the mall owner "I am not a maid to take to the army, so why don’t you find a job here? Please help me look after one or two. "
ShangXiuXun gherardini looked at whitewater. She should be surprised to find that this valiant soldier is usually quite accommodating. It is Liu Deacon who pats his chest to ensure that there is no problem. Whitewater takes turns riding with three roads and can also take weapons and some horses. If you hurry, you can get to the Zhang Xutuo army, the ambassador, in five days
Rushing all the way and robbing the road and losing the white water are still armed. It seems that this news has gone much faster than people. The white water brand really goes out, even hundreds of miles away. "I don’t know what it will call me? No one came along the way to get in the way so that I could inquire. "
All the way to the city of Xingyang, Bailang directly shouted "Come and join the army!"
These heroes have always had Zhang Xutuo’s Great Sui Dynasty to suppress the anti-thieves in all directions, and many righteous men took the initiative to vote for it, which was a fame for Ma Bo-after all, it is still a great Sui Dynasty, but when the orthodox school came to vote for whitewater, the ranks in this city looked like a valiant soldier when they saw him towering and powerful, and it was also a strong one to come here alone with their own pommel horse weapons.
If it’s not peaceful today, it’s not a good thing for a person to be so ostentatious and dare to walk. It’s not a good thing to hit the gate slowly. Now, seeing that the anti-thief in Wagangzhai is approaching Xingyang, the gate is closed except for two fixed hours. Ambassador Zhang is gearing up his troops to go out of the city to face it.
When Bailang entered the city, according to the general process of actively joining the army, there was a note to ask Bailang’s birth name. Bailang reported his own name, and he was surprised to ask, "Did you break the four major enemy formations and behead two thieves, Bailang Baiyuzhu?"
Whitewater lifted his beard and laughed, "It’s a certain family!" He is full of ambition-this year, if you want to show yourself, you must show yourself that you have a way out. It seems that whitewater is about to show yourself that you can lead the team to attack the bucket, so that you can get in position as quickly as possible and have the ability to effectively collect various martial arts-less than it is easier for him to wander around the Central Plains.
Some magical powers in this world are really amazing. Because of the limitation of vitality, we can’t go any further, but the subtle place is unique. Whitewater has gained the immortal tactic. He is also interested in the sword code and the magic martial arts of Buddhism and Taoism, and he is even more interested. "If it is possible to fight against the temple, it is also necessary to see it." This is Whitewater’s idea as soon as he arrives.
"This news is really fast. Some killed those two guys, but on the 6th, they had already reached Xingyang, hundreds of miles away." Whitewater admitted that it immediately turned against each other-such a valiant soldier was not afraid of it, of course, and he wanted the coach to solicit it himself.
"When you are ready, please ask Ambassador Zhang to come," said the worshiper. "Where can you please take a family to see Ambassador Zhang so that Ambassador Zhang can come here specially? "Bai Lang is polite and always has a good attitude towards loyal people-the history of Zhang Xutuo is that the soldiers died at the last moment when they fought in the Sui Dynasty.
Whitewater just remembered that Ambassador Zhang’s yamen was waiting outside for a little while, but when he saw a middle-aged man who knew by sight that he was brave and heroic, he came out in a hurry and saw Whitewater shine at the moment. "But to kill the thief, Mr. Whitewater, white jade column and white brave man?" He hastily held out his hand to hold the white hand.
Zhang Xutuo probably has a valiant soldier, Luo Shixin, who is only ten years old and younger than Whitewater. At this moment, this young valiant soldier who is more than six feet long is also coming out with Zhang Xutuo, and a pair of eyes look at Whitewater with great color, which is to challenge Whitewater.
"It is face to face, but Xingyang Tongshou, Henan Daozhao for ambassador Zhang Sir? I’ve heard a lot about Zhang Zhao, and I’m here today to be a pioneer! " Whitewater fuels that he has grown up and looks terrible, but he is the brightest one in the field.
This sentence said Zhang Xutuo is touching his beard and smiling and nodding, but the young Luo Shixin seems to be very angry. "Naturally, I went first! Let him! " This Luo Shixin impatient is also a grasp of whitewater smile stretched out his hand a lattice that Luo Shixin suddenly push push push to stumble a few steps.
"Sure enough!" Everyone is dark sigh at this time, Zhang Xutuo probably people have also come to see this white brave man who has recently joined the army-everyone has heard that there are many unbelievers who have just come out to break the array and slay two thieves, Whitewater, but most of them have become skeptical after seeing Whitewater people-this kind of divine power is probably true.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Engage
Zhang Xutuo was overjoyed to see Whitewater’s bravery. Most of his soldiers were loyal to each other and wanted to serve the national court-but mainly because he was loyal to the coach’s personal moral charm. Although Whitewater felt that Zhang Xutuo was definitely a national scholar, he did not come from Zhang Xutuo’s loyalty
There is no need to show whitewater specially, and directly accept Zhang Xutuo’s position arrangement for him-you can be a captain and lead dozens of cavalry before whitewater. Zhang Xutuo also needs to balance his own power. Of course, it is impossible for whitewater to lead the cavalry.
Zhang Xutuo is preparing to lead more than 10,000 elite soldiers to take the initiative to attack Wagangzhai anti-thieves outside Xingyang City. We must never let Wagangzhai thieves touch Xingyang City-otherwise it will be difficult. Since Wang Bo’s "Song of Death to Liaodong Waves" uprising, there have been thieves everywhere, plus the chaos in Yang Xuangan in those years, and even the defenders of the Sui Dynasty in some places have become anti-thieves.
Lai Zhang Xutuo’s crusade to the west took several years to stabilize the Henan Road, such as Zuo Xiaoyou, a famous anti-thief today, and Lu Yuebei tried his best to make peace. First of all, Wang Bo was beaten by him, and he repeatedly lost, threatening Wagangzhai. This time, Shi Biao went in series to attack Xingyang in many ways, and Zhang Xutuo was also ready to finish the battle and Xingyang completely defeated Wagangzhai.
Now that he has almost finished reorganizing his army, he should replenish his hay and weapons, and he is waiting for the decisive battle out of the city these days-whitewater just arrived at this point in time, which is considered whitewater luck. Although it is a big Sui loyalist, Zhang Xutuo will not be able to come up with a set of suitable light armor for whitewater for a while, so he has to let whitewater wear his own leather armor.


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