It has become a magnificent abode of fairies and immortals after some arrangement in Nie Yinniang in the past and present.

There are a dozen radish heads in the cave besides Er, Jing Jing Er and Chun.
Listen carefully in your seats.
These children are reincarnated by Sun Hu and others.
Because they don’t have hidden spirits, they won’t wake up from their pregnancy.
Just like Lv Dongbin, Bai Mudan and Han Xiang, they can generally remember some important things in previous lives, but they can remember the department as Nie Yinniang and Ling Qing did.
Because of the punishment in hell, the root of sin was delayed for some time, and the reincarnation time was much later than that of Nie Yinniang.
They have been taught by Lingqing for more than 20 years, which has changed their fate for 20 years, so they have a very deep memory of Lingqing.
At this time, after seeing Lingqing, a brother called very affectionate.
Ling Qing dealt with several children and gave some gadgets such as wild charms.
This just came to visit Nie Yinniang.
No matter how young Nie Yinniang is, it’s also the Virgin of Tortoise. She’s so green that she’s called a Martial Uncle.
After seeing the ceremony, Nie Yinniang looked at him and asked, "Are you leaving now?"
Lingqing replied, "I should continue to seek for it now that I can’t hide it from ShiShu."
Strive to see Master as soon as possible. "
Nie Yinniang is better than the hidden spirit. He has remembered who he really is and knows who he is as a mage.
She nodded. "It’s better for me to return from robbery, and it’s even better for you to be a teacher and a pupil."
If you can become immortal as soon as possible, you can also share the burden for your master. "
Ling Qing Yi nods "exactly"
Nie Yinniang backhand reveals a clean spirit bead to Lingqing, and it is the spirit bead that belongs to him.
Listen to her. "You are not good enough to take away now, but I will break into your Yuan God."
When you become immortal, you can unseal it. "
Say a hand will this spirit bead into the spirit green body.
He took a look at the light that hid himself.
I know that I am not able to be clever and green now, so there is no too much attention.
She talked to Nie Yinniang again, and handed over the two memorial archways to her body over the years and disappeared in a flash.
Nie Yinniang backhand put away the two archways and went out to preach to the younger brothers.
Volume 14 Millions of ghosts and gods
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Teaching brother
When Ling Qing opened her eyes again, she had returned to the blessed land of the Five Mountains.
At this time, the blessed land of Wuyue Mountain is not as cold and cheerless as before, and many disciples of Laoshan Sect have already come and gone here.
See his sudden appearance have come to Jianli.
Only after Lingqing asked did she know that the more you know about the heaven, the more convenient it is than the world.
And almost half of the vitality was sent to heaven by Kyushu enchantment and Jianmu.
Even if the fairy realm is high, but the number is small, half of the vitality of the whole country almost makes the heaven condense out the substantial vitality cloud.


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