Wang Xuan has no intention of calmly handing over and saying, "I have seen your predecessors."

He knew that the ceremony in front of him was a prelude
Slaughter Huntian Xiaoyao Emperor No one can despise Da Neng’s brother, and it is also an affirmation of his status.
But being polite doesn’t mean that the storm has subsided.
Sure enough, before Zhou Tianjun ordered tea, a Taoist with flashing eyes and white hair shawl said coldly in the previous step, "Wang Zhenjun’s way is amazing, and his younger brother Gan Kun died. Although he calculated first, he also wanted to ask for three tricks."
These words are polite but have ulterior motives.
Revenge is an excuse to persuade my brother to inherit the position of leader. How can there be any feelings after thousands of years of struggle?
Putting it is a temptation.
Wang Xuan slays the carefree Emperor and sets many traps. The specific process is unknown to outsiders, and there are still doubts about his strength.
If you can’t show the means, I’m afraid you need to do something big, and a storm will come
Wang Xuan sneered and nodded, "Please!"
As soon as the voice fell, the wind disappeared.
At the same time, the surrounding scene has become blurred, and thick cold yin rises from the feet as if to blow people away.
"Stork wind?"
Wang Xuan slightly surprised in my heart.
This is the third disaster, which is specifically aimed at the monk’s robbery of the avenue. In front of him, people are empty and wonderful, and your brother did not expect to be able to make a virtual arrangement to attract the wind.
At the same time, there is also a strong wind around, and the wind sweeps across the world like a knife, as if Wang Xuan was left alone.
It seems to others that the wind suddenly disappeared and suddenly appeared in all directions, trapping Wang Xuan in the same place
"Four elephant banners?"
Huayang Daxian, the younger brother of Taiqing Weidao, sneered, "Is it in your hands to make your teacher’s baby?"
Xun Feng said lightly, "Master has already given it."
Zhou Tianjun a listen to face transient.
Powerful instruments usually contain virtual power.
He happened to hear about this "four elephant banners". Once, a Jin Xian sneaked into a stolen treasure and was trapped by four elephant banners to purulent water.
Qing Xu Miao Yuan Dao Jun’s heart is really vicious. Even if Wang Xuan can break through the array, he needs a little mess to prove that he can easily slay him.
Others also look different.
They naturally saw Xun Feng’s intention, but even if the population was too clear, Huayang Daxian looked like a good show.
But things are beyond everyone’s expectation
See array Wang Xuan eyes flashing golden light suddenly stretched out his hand through the large array caught a four banners.
The hall hummed and vibrated.
This treasure was abruptly pinched off.
Xun Feng’s mind oscillated in his chest, and a stuffy spray of golden blood quickly squeezed the tactic to put away the remaining three banners.
Wang Xuan threw the broken treasure in his hand. "Daoyou, this multiplier is a little worse than a little better."
His face was calm, but his heart was full of murder.
The other party’s mind is clear when he enters the array.
But the array method really failed to deal with him.
Candle dragon’s eyes swallowed up the three wonders and six instruments, and he was good at breaking the array. After his great increase, he could explore the nether world.
Plus, this treasure is good at array, but it is relatively fragile and naturally vulnerable.
Hearing Wang Xuan poking fun at Xun Feng’s eyes, anger rose, but he still handed over and said, "If you can’t sit down, you can’t do it as well as others."
"This time, I want to ask Zhenjun if he intends to enter the central sky?"
Huayang Daxian’s eyes flashed and he got up and said, "I want the deputy leader of the town prison to invite the real gentleman to conspire for great things!"
Two people say staring at each other’s eyes, fade away.
That’s why they came here.
World War I in Wanbao City, the sky changed into the sky, and the celestial army suffered heavy losses. The central government was in the wind in the battle for the sky.
But when you need to give it to them, you can slow down.
I don’t hesitate to endure the evil spirit.
And Taiqing Weidaojun naturally wants to pull Wang Xuan to change the situation. After all, many fairy officials in the northern Xuantian have been behind him.
Wang Xuan looked at the two of them and said calmly, "If you want to practice Wanbao City and do business, you will remain neutral and will not step into the central military day."
He won’t fall into that rotten mire, and he won’t be a deputy leader to be a tool man.
"That’s good, true gentleman. Don’t break your word!"
Xun Feng was satisfied and said nothing after sitting down.
Huayang Daxian is somewhat disappointed, but it seems that he has already expected the result to be slightly nodded and lost interest.
This feast just returned to normal.
Some weak and talented brothers have talked and laughed before, saying that they want to do business in Wanbaocheng store.
Famous business is actually making friends.
Unlike Tai Qing Wei Dao Jun and Qing Xu Miao Yuan Dao Jun, their masters are also powerful, but their strength is weak, and they can hold a group to keep warm and share a heaven.
They have great power behind them and their minds are simple.
After quitting ten thousand years, the competition will sit quietly and watch the tigers fight for benefits.
Wang Xuan has the potential to rise. Let’s make friends first, and maybe it will be an ally in the future
At that time, the banquet atmosphere was extremely harmonious.
Wang Xuan’s face was calm and supercilious, which made people unable to understand his thoughts.
The booze didn’t last long, and everyone left in less than half a day after they had reached their respective goals.
After the banquet, Huo Dexing appeared.


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