He grabbed the broadsword and hurriedly ran to the distance, not daring to look back for fear that Xiao Yu would suddenly kill him.

Chapter five hundred and forty-four Explain people
Mo Da Dao was very decisive, turned around and left for a moment, not far away, and secretly sneered in his heart. "You probably don’t know how horrible that person is when you know that you can’t walk away if you want to. How is that possible?"
He hurried out of the island and threw a big knife. A giant shark rode on the back of a giant shark and rushed away quickly.
Suddenly, Mo Da Dao jumped out of the corner of his eye and saw an island reef. An old man with a young girl followed a dozen godly monks behind him and looked towards the island.
"Silver spirit family, they are strong in silver spirit family!"
Great knife heart thumping and jumping. This is a very old force in the universe. The blood vessels in all parts of the universe are extremely strong. It can be said that every ethnic group is terrible. I didn’t expect to see the strong silver spirit family here!
Are they also the treasure of God?
Mo Da Dao secretly wondered, "It’s strange how you can be tempted by the treasure of the Lord God if you haven’t seen what kind of treasure the Yinling family has!"
He didn’t dare to sit on the shark’s back and leave here quickly.
The old man watched Xiao Yu’s burning back in the distance and smiled at the girl around him. "Yao’s strength is not bad in the realm of no gods. Even my silver spirit family can’t find a few who can compete with him."
The girl nodded and said crisply, "Third Grandpa, is he from some ancient family? Otherwise, how could he practice his physical strength so abnormally?"
The old man smiled slightly. "I can feel the ancient Xiao blood flowing through his body, but it seems that he hasn’t experienced awakening. It’s really interesting that Yao Er, the younger generation, will give him a family guest token later to win him over. If his Xiao background can get along well, it will be of great benefit to the development of our family."
Jade deficiency and El Nino have not left the island.
Jade Xu’s clothes are definitely dancing, and the right hand is holding a clean bottle of suet jade. The air is ethereal and filled with bursts of natural breath. His face never panics at all, and he doesn’t believe what Xiao Yu is, even if he can be like it. He is as dead as a sheep fat jade bottle.
His treasure bottle contains Yin and Yang. He once killed many people who are masters of the divine realm, and everyone who enters it will die!
Jade deficiency too look at the baby calmly tunnel "baby is your first shot or I first shot?"
El Nino’s face suddenly hesitated andao "If I make the first move, this fellow’s character will definitely sneak attack on the fisherman’s profit, then I’m afraid I can’t get anything, but if he makes the first move, one thousand, he will kill the Lord’s treasure, but I really don’t have my share, and Xiao Ye will come for nothing."
He thought quickly and made up his mind quickly, giggling, "I’d better shoot first!" "
But he left a mind’s eye in his heart, secretly guarding against jade deficiency to prevent this person from suddenly attacking.
The baby turned to Xiao Yu and giggled. The fat little hand patted the purple gourd and laughed. "Please turn around, baby!"
The purple and gold gourd light flow suddenly rushed out of the mouth of the gourd with a terrible divine glare running through it and coming straight at Xiao Yu.
"Look out!"
Stone magic drink a way
Boom qR1
Xiao Yu refers to a golden whirlpool in the palm of his hand, and several FuGuang flashes brightly and erupts into terrible suction. That divine light just rushed in and was directly sucked into the golden whirlpool by Xiao Yu and disappeared.
What this terrible suction burst out with El Nino and his purple gourd shaking as if to be directly sucked by Xiao Yu.
Shi Moluo’s face slowed down and said, "I’m afraid I can’t compare with you even if I practice the magic of melting heaven and refining the body to this point!"
El Nino’s face changed dramatically, and he started with a pair of hands. Zijin gourd suddenly burst into harsh light and roared out of a red river from the mouth of the gourd. All kinds of magical powers were overwhelmed by Xiao Yu together.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly change grasp fist boom one or two arms suddenly burst into flames with golden light, ten merits behind the fist wheel rotation are blessed to the flesh.
Bang bang bang!
He waved his fists with golden light, and every punch was violent and powerful, and it was like the creation of the world, and the area surged violently, and all the magical powers that rushed were broken
Behind the old man who has been staring at this place, his eyes flashed and whispered, "It turned out to be the wild burst boxing and the golden wheel of merit. The younger generation of the Xiao family has a great chance to practice these two magical skills, but this wild burst boxing is obviously incomplete and has not been mastered since ancient times. No one has ever been together with that little doll. It is said that the younger brother of the cloud clan is not weak, and he has entered the black list one thousand days ago. It is said that this young brother of the cloud clan is so powerful this year."
The girl next to him looked at the two men fighting with big eyes open and suddenly asked crisply, "Who is that guy in white next to Grandpa Three?"
The old man smiled slightly. "His background is not weak, and his background is not lower than that of our silver spirit family."
The old man spoke Xiao Yu and drank a whole body of golden light, smashing all the magical powers, bringing up a bright golden light and passing by in a flash, approaching the El Nino and nullifying it with one punch.
El Nino’s face changed and he jumped into the sky in a hurry. He shouted, "Please baby kill the enemy."
A bright sword light suddenly rushed out from the mouth of the gourd, and the sharp horse broke into a murderous look of terror and split towards Xiao Yuli.
This sword light is more terrible than just rushing out, which makes people feel a cold and seems to be able to cut into the depths of people’s souls. It is harsh and dazzling, and it is faster than directly rushing towards Xiao Yu’s eyebrows.
Xiao Yu waved his golden fist to hit that sword, and the sparks of light splashed out, and the words spread out. On the spot, the sword light shattered his own fist fingers and blood flowed.
Xiao Yu sneered at the speed and burned with golden light. He continued to rush to the baby and shouted, "See you off!"
He has no pity for the direct killer.
But then!
Jade deficiency is too high to throw a clear bottle of suet jade into a hazy white light, and the bottle mouth sends out a horrible suction, and both El Nino and Xiao Yu are included in the jade bottle.
The jade bottle’s light flashes quickly and becomes smaller, and it once again falls into the hands of Yu Xutai. Yu Xutai laughs. "Two wastes with developed limbs and simple minds have entered my sheep fat jade net bottle, unless you are gods, you will die!"
The stone demon Luo Kou drank his eyes out.
Jade deficiency glanced at Shi Moluo coldly. "Don’t worry, it’s your turn. When I refine both their wastes, it’s your turn to send you the way."
With a wave of his hand, hundreds of flags came out and blocked the place to prevent Shimoro from escaping, while others withdrew from the flag and prompted the divine power to refine two of them in the jade bottle.
Yin and Yang are constantly sweeping away the energy, the breath is chaotic and complicated, and all kinds of destructive light are constantly erupting and annihilating everything.
El Nino fell into the purple gourd, and immediately several cracks appeared. Being invaded by Yin and Yang, his power was greatly reduced. He couldn’t help screaming, "Jade deficiency, please let me out quickly or my brother will not let you go."
Not far from him, a tall black shadow approached slowly, and a long reddish hair drifted away, staring coldly at the baby and sneering, "Little brother, there are two of us here. I don’t know how you want to die?"
Chapter five hundred and forty-five White hands
Xiao Yu approached the surface of El Nino step by step, and a layer of hazy aperture emerged. All kinds of rune flashes will sweep over, and Yin and Yang will be refined and erased.
All laws are inviolable!


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